Annual Update from the Board

A look back at 2019 and 2020

In this video, Mardag Foundation Board President Tim Ober and Samuel Eberhart, incoming Board President, talk to Senior Vice President of Community Impact Pahoua Yang Hoffman about the work of the Mardag Foundation and how the Foundation has adapted its work due to the events of 2020.

Highlights from the Year

Tim and Sam both share highlights from 2019 and 2020, including getting to know the work of nonprofits funded by the Mardag Foundation. For Tim, meeting a young person involved in Cookie Cart brought the impact home for him. 

“To really get that feeling of, ‘Wow, we really are making a difference in at least one person’s life,’” Tim said. “And when you see that happening and multiply that across all the grants that we’re doing and to realize there’s a definite impact there. There’s a definite strengthening of our community that goes with that.”

As Tim steps down from serving as President, Sam Eberhart will step into that role. Looking forward, Sam says, “It's my hope for the board that we continue to push ourselves to reflect, learn, respond, and build in ways that are meaningful and for the greater good.”

Learn more about the nonprofits highlighted in the video: