Organizations addressing equity for Minnesota youth among $7 million granted to community organizations by The Saint Paul Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation

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June 11, 2018

(Saint Paul, Minn.) The Saint Paul Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation recently awarded more than $7 million to nonprofits throughout the state of Minnesota. Among the 208 grants made are organizations addressing disparities facing Minnesota youth.

“We live in a moment where youth are feeling empowered to do incredible things. They are leading movements, telling their stories and connecting with their peers,” said Ann Mulholland, vice president of Community Impact for The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations. “However, not all young people have the same opportunities and access. These grants are an investment in projects and programs that are closing achievement and access gaps and giving all youth the opportunities to make their voices heard.”

Of the 79 grants made by The Saint Paul Foundation, $10,000 was awarded to The Dial Group, an organization that leverages the talents of the creative community to innovate community initiatives. The Foundation’s grant will support In Focus: Digital Media Arts & Youth Leadership. This program engages students of color – with special consideration for at-risk Asian American, immigrant and refugee youth – in education around digital media arts, media literacy and leadership. The program also matches students with mentors of similar backgrounds so students can tap into a culturally-specific support system as they explore media through their own cultural lens.

F. R. Bigelow Foundation’s 83 grants included a $25,000 grant to Youthprise, an organization that invests in the future of Minnesota and works to shift the trajectory for underserved young people. The Foundation’s grant supports the organization’s Ambassador Program which uses community ambassadors to connect at-risk youth with community-based organizations to provide them with educational, social and employment services and support.

Of the 46 grants made by Mardag Foundation, $50,000 was awarded to the Ain Dah Yung Center, an emergency shelter for American Indian youth. The Foundation’s grant supports a partnership between Ain Dah Yung and Project for Pride in Living to develop supportive housing. This development will be the first permanent housing specific to American Indian youth, ages 18-24, in Minnesota. In addition to apartments and services like case management and mental health care, this housing site will include a one-of-a-kind cultural center for American Indian ceremonies, a space where youth can create ceremonial drums, participate in beadwork and other ritual arts, and outdoor space for a medicine garden and sweat lodge.

All three foundations made grants totaling $47,000 to In Progress, which strives to diversify cultural dialogue and pave the way for new voices in the field of digital art making. Grants made support the North End Arts Initiative, a program that provides arts activities throughout the North End neighborhood for youth, families, business owners and community leaders. This program connects youth and adults through teaching partnerships, giving them access to learning and production of digital media and storytelling arts. The program also shares youth art through community exhibits and events.


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