Nate Annan

“I love helping people in any capacity available. Working here at The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations gives me the satisfaction that my work is in one way or another benefitting someone.”

As general accountant, Nate is responsible for processing the invoices the foundation receives. He also ensures that payments are sent out in a timely fashion, and to the correct address.

Nate joined The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations in 2014. His favorite parts of the job are entering the invoice information into the system and running various reports to ensure the totals are accurate. They improve his awareness and attention to detail, he said.

Nate was born in Ghana and his family moved to the United States when he was 13. He is currently pursuing his accounting degree at Century College. In his spare time, he is a big sports fan, following the Los Angeles Lakers and New England Patriots closely. Nate loves spending time with family and friends.